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Yo, lovelies. This is my blog where I basically reblog anything that makes me laugh, makes me smile, is something cute or awesome relating to the bajillion fandoms I'm in or happens to be my OTP (and boy, do I have a lot of those) and share my own thoughts on topics or recent events that catch my interest every now and then.

I will be posting original content soon and, depending on the general reaction, may continue to do so. To all my followers, you are all awesome and I love you.


I bet when Rei was little he was one of those kids who sat ‘criss-cross apple sauce’ and still refuses to refer to it as anything but that



Lovely Little Thieves Trailer!

I know I said the next update on this tumblr would be the completed demo, but I lost two of the days over the weekend I was going to use to complete it, so it’s just a couple more days off yet. It’s sitting at about 25,000 words and around 40 choices, so by “demo” standards, you’re getting a lot of VN. Thank you for being so patient!

This is a special update though. The trailer for the game is now finished! It was edited by myself and my friend Josh Brumfield (krosswerks.) Enjoy and pass it around! The demo is right around the corner…

awwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah~



Character development, anyone?

I never realized how powerful this line is. It’s not just that she’s saying Katniss is beautiful, she’s also saying the people of the capitol aren’t. That their beauty is not real. It’s not beautiful. She’s not beautiful. All the wigs, make up and silly fussy dresses she wears are not beautiful. It’s not real beauty. 

I can’t explain to you guys how much I love and adore her.


correct ways to react to being called out: “you’re right, i messed up, thank you, what i did was offensive and oppressive, i will do better in the future”

incorrect ways to react to being called out: “i said i’m sorry please stop making me cry”